Is maccas healthy

Updated: 9/21/2023
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It's so healthy with there good food range

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Q: Is maccas healthy
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What is maccas?

Maccas is what Australians call Mcdonalds. On Australia Day, 15 Mcdonalds restaurants were renamed Maccas.

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Chicken and Maccas

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Is it true that Maccas special sauce is semen?

No. It is not true.

Which island do the Penan people live?

They live at maccas

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Go to maccas

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they performed at maccas

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as much as they make at maccas

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maccas, kfc and hungry jacks

How many mc donalds are there in New Zealand?

I counted a shocking 136 stores on the maccas (kiwi slang for McDonalds) web site. Maccas is Aussie slang and kiwis are fat suckers

What nicknames does Mikhael Wilder go by?

Mikhael Wilder goes by Maccas.