Is lye water good for the body?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Q: Is lye water good for the body?
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Is it good to drink water with lime?

I believe you are referring to lye and not lime. Common household lye is usually sodium hydroxide. Lye should be used with caution as it is caustic and poisonous.Source:

Is lye water good for the health?

Generic usage of lye varies from soap making to cleaning to industrial and chemical uses. Of course, people know that lye can be used as a preservative in food processing, but many abhor from it considering the possible harmful effects. However, there are several benefits to lye water.

Can you use expired Lye water?

Using expired lye in cold process soap can greatly affect the process and final product.

What is the most basic out of lye cola water ammonia?

Lye - with the meaning of sodium hydroxide.

What is lye water in tagalog?


What substances dissolve in water to create lye?

Lye is a solution of sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide dissolved in water. Also known as salts.

How do you make lye soap?

mix lye, water, and fat in large pot. heat and stir. you will get soap.

What are the ingredients in soap?

Water, oil, and lye

What is lye soap?

Lye Soap is made by combining Lye (Sodium hydroxide), Oils and water together at the right temperature and ratio as to begin saponification. Ordinary soap like in the supermarket is not this type of soap. They do not contain lye at all.

Is lye 100 sodium hydroxide an element compound or mixture?

element compound but usually a mixture since it absorbs water mass from air. usually 100% lye when opened turns into 99.99% lye due to water mass intake.

What is the substance of the reaction sodium and water?

NaOH, or lye.

What does hydrochloric acid and lye make?

salt and water.