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Q: Is little sleep better then none?
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Is it better to only get a few hours of sleep or no sleep For that day because right now I don't feel tired but I have to study?

Some is better than none.

What did peasants in the medieval age sleep on?

They slept on straw, or, if the situation was a little better, animal skins.

Why Half a loaf is better than no loaf?

You`d rather have a little than none

Is it better to not sleep or get very little sleep?

It depends, if say you're going to bed during the night, being unable to sleep, and watching films until five in the morning and you have to get up to go to work or school at six it'll be pretty hard to get up. On the other hand it might be better to have an hour sleep at least, it does make a difference during the day and will give you a little more energy to function.

Does getting more sleep help you do better on tests is it dependent or independent?

Getting enough sleep is important for your performance, but there's little to no benefir from sleeping more than that.

When do little owls sleep?

they sleep in the day light as their eyes are used at night for safety or easier to catch their prey. They can see better in the night,dark than in the sunlight or daylight.

What do pet turtles sleep in?


If you are low on cash is it better to tip a little in a restaurant or not to tip at all?

If you are low on cash, you would plan for the tip and maybe order something less expensive or forgo the soda with the meal. A little is better than none, but planning is better.

Do lions sleep or hibernate?

Lions sleep. None of the cat species hibernate.

What flower does not sleep at night?

no flowers sleep at in that case NONE!

Why do you sleep better when ever you play outside?

because your excersing and you get tired and then you sleep better

Is it better to put computer into sleep or hibernate if you are not going to use it for an hour?

Its better to put it to sleep