Is laziness good for you

Updated: 9/20/2023
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Q: Is laziness good for you
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Can you give me a good sentence for laziness?

My laziness made me late for school moreover I missed a very important test and my teacher was very angry with me!.

How does finish the laziness?

laziness can be finished by doing work.

How do you spell laziness?

That is the correct spelling of "laziness" (sloth, laxity).

Is laziness a disease?

No. Laziness can be a character trait, or it can be a learned behaviour.

What is the adjective form of laziness?

The word 'laziness' is the noun form of the adjective lazy.

Write a sentence with the word laziness?

Asking someone else to write a simple sentence using the word "laziness" is simply lazy. :) My laziness became obvious to everyone when I asked for help writing a sentence with the word "laziness".

When was laziness by Robert William service written?

"Laziness" by Robert William Service was written in 1912 and is a humorous poem that reflects on the joy of laziness and the beauty of idleness.

What is the height of laziness?

Laziness comes in all heights from 3 ft to 7 ft.

Use laziness in a sentence?

If you sleep in bed all day you have a laziness problem and if you like hsm you cool or maby not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=]

What is a good topic for a grade 6 speech competition?

some good topics are: world hunger how to fail a job interview laziness fishing hobbies

Is laziness a noun?

Yes, the word 'laziness' is the noun form of the adjective lazy. The noun 'laziness' is a common, uncountable, abstract noun; a word for a state of being lazy, or indolent.

What are the cause of laziness?