Is lady liberty a real person?

Updated: 8/19/2022
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No, it just symbolizes liberty and freedom in America.

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Yes it's christ with the fire around hes head and the broken shackle around hes ankle. justice christ amen

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I swear I didn't kick the twins over

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Q: Is lady liberty a real person?
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What did the lady on the statue of liberty do?

She was not a real person, but a symbol of liberty which America stands for.

Who is the woman on 1944 dime?

It's Miss Liberty but not a real person

Was Abraham Lincoln on the penny first?

Abraham Lincoln was the first real person to be depicted on the U.S. cent. Previous issues of the cent portrayed Lady Liberty, even the Indian Head cent was actually Lady Liberty wearing an Indian headdress.

What women is on the first dollar coin?

The first US silver dollar coin was struck in 1794 the designer was Robert Scot. Lady Liberty is not a real person.

Who is on the 1854 dime?

Miss Liberty, but she is not a real person.

Who is the lady on it Morgan silver dollar?

It is a personification of Liberty it is not a historical person. However, the model of Liberty was Anna Willess Williams.

How much is the 1797 lady liberty dollar worth?

Draped Bust dollar coins were struck in 1797, but no "Lady Liberty", matter of fact, no US coin is called a "Lady Liberty". A real Draped Bust dollar of this date is $1,500.00 to $40,000.00+ depending on the type and condition of the coin.

How do you get lady liberty on Moshi Monsters?

how to get lady liberty on moshi monsters

Are their names on the Statue of Liberty?

The statue is also know as "lady liberty" but no other name as such.

What is the other name of The Statue of Liberty?

=== === It's also known as The Statue of Liberty Enlightening the World, Lady Liberty, and the Mother of Exiles to incoming immigrants. P.S.- To the previous answerer to this question's question (who thinks they can beat that?) ; the answer is, I JUST DID. (:

What is the fire on lady liberty made of?

The fire on Lady Liberty is made out of copper.

Why did they choose a lady for the lady of liberty?

Because the Liberty is a female name and therefore the statue had to be built looking as a lady.