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Q: Is kylie Minogue's short sighted
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Is kylie minogues hair long or short?

Kylie Minogues hair i believe is a medium length.

Who is danni minogues sister?

kylie minogues

What is kylie minogues full name?

Kylie Ann Minogue

What is Kylie Minogues brother called?

Kylie's brother is called Micheal.

What is kylie minogues favorite animal?

a dolphin

What is kylie minogues cats name?

im sorry...kylie minogue does not have a cat!

What was kylie minogues name in neighbors?

Charlene Mitchell.

Where is kylie minogues London home?

In Chelsea, South London

What is kylie minogues favorite colour?

mauve..(Shade of purple)

What is kylie minogues dad name?

Ronald minogue

What is kylie minogues favourite food?

It is said in a interview Kylie's fave food is prawns but we are still not certain

Where was kylie minogues first concert?

at the Fitzroy football club benefit concert in 1988