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no way they are cousins

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Jalyn Gottlieb

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Q: Is kelly rowland and beyonce sisters?
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Is Beyonce and kelly rowland adoptive sisters?

No. Beyonce and Kelly Rowland have been good friends since childhood. Beyonce just calls Kelly her sister.

Do Beyonce and Kelly Rowland know they are sisters?

They are friends not sisters.

Is kelly Rowland and Beyonce sisters or cousins?

Beyonce and Kelly Rowland are not related. They have been good friends since childhood, and Beyonce's mother looked after Kelly. Beyonce calls Kelly Rowland her sister - but they are not blood related.

Who is Richer Beyonce or Kelly Rowland?


Are Kelly Rowland and Beyonce sisters?

no they callin eachother sisters because they are so close and grew up together

Is kelly rowland Beyonces sister?

kelly rowland is beyonce's sister. they have a different second name because beyonce is married

What group was kelly rowland in?

Kelly Rowland was in Destiny's Child with Beyonce and Michelle Willkinson

Do Beyonce and Kelly Rowland have the same mother?

no no

What is Beyonce's friend's name?

Kelly Rowland

Is beyonce and kelly rowland still friends?


Is kelly rowland prettier than beyonce?


How did Beyonce famous?

She was in Destiny's Child with Kelly Rowland.