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They used to go out but now they broke up

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Q: Is kaylee Hoffman Luke Benward's girlfriend?
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What is Luke benwards girlfriends name?

Her name is Kaylee Nielsen

Who is Luke benwards girlfriend?

He isn't currently dating anyone

Who is Kaitlin Luke Benwards girlfriend?

Luke benward I'snt dating anyone. So don't be worried, he's still avable if you whant him!

Dose Luke Benward have a girlfriend?

yeah! her name is kaylee nielsen

Is Luke Benward allowed to have a girlfriend?

Yes, he is 15... He actually has one, her name is Kaylee.

What is Luke benwards favorite person?

Miranda cosgrove

When is luke benwards b-day?

luke's b day is may 12 1995

Who is luke benwards sister?

Luke has 2 sisters. Thier names are Ella and Gracie.

What is luke benwards favorite girl?

Miranda cosgrove....what do you mean by that?

What is luke benwards favorite animal?

his favorite animal is a dog!!!

Who is Katelyn Hoffman?

Starred as Stripper #4 in the Movie "Zack and Miri Make a Porno".

What is luke benwards favorite sport?

i think its football but im not really sure