Is it worth buying the genie bra?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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I am also looking at these genie Bras. And, one reason is that they don't have "under wires" as the other answer called them " those iron things to support the breasts"

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Q: Is it worth buying the genie bra?
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Where can you buy a genie bra?

BHS, Littlewoods, Very, Amazon and also the genie bra website.

What stores sell the Genie Bra?

The Genie Bra can be found at Walmart, Target, CVS Pharmacy, and Bed, Bath & Beyond. It can also be found online at and on eBay.

Is the Genie Bra a sleeping bra?

Depends. Some people have said if you are sleeping with a bra on, you could get breast cancer and less worse, breast pain. The Genie Bra has no hooks, compared to others. There is a higher chance of getting breast cancer. So I say there is no chance of getting cancer, but maybe pain. That's it.

How can you buy new coloured genie bras in UK?

Genie Bra has an online shop on Amazon UK where you can purchase their bras. See the related link below.

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