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NO.But if you wear them all week then yes.

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Q: Is it unhealthy to wear your pajamas all day?
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What do women wear on New Year's Day?

You wear your pajamas.

Can you wear footed pajamas during the day?

As long as you are in the privacy of your home then you can wear footed pajamas if you wish, but it's a bad habit to do so every day only because you should be out of the pajamas and out with friends.

What pajamas are good for pajama day that isn't footie pajamas?

if you dont want footie pajamas, then dont wear them. anything else is good *Candycat*

On a lazy Saturday what might you wear around the house all day?

pajamas sweatshirt robe birthday suit underwear

Should students be able to wear pajamas to school?

Only on Pajama Day

You don't wear pajamas so what should you do on pajama day at school?

Errm, buy some pj's xx

Is it unhealthy to sit down all day?

It is unhealthy to sit down all day because you need to be active to stay fit. Exercise is crucial in managing health. As little as 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day can help prevent health problems.

Is Call of Duty healthy or unhealthy?

If you play all day and never get any exercis then it is unhealthy and every once in a while it is fine.I like the game too!

Is Facebook unhealthy?

Facebook can be very unhealthy if someone becomes addicted. They may sound dumb but there are plenty of people out there who sit on their computers all day long on these kind of websites. Before they know it, their day is wasted.

When is pajamas day what year what month and what day?

26 of march. every year! i celebrate

If you wear a black shirt in a hot day?

Not at all. Wear what you like.

Why should one not wear school uniform?

Wearing school uniform promotes equality among students and prevents distractions based on clothing choices. It also helps students develop a sense of belonging and school pride.