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i don't think it's unhealthy, but it's kinda gross. unless they are from someone you know.

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Q: Is it unhealthy to wear used shoes?
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Are Converse shoes unhealthy to wear?

Yes because people might think your mexican

What kind of shoes does Angus Young wear?

When he was younger he used to wear on shows Allstar shoes. Today I think he wears black sport shoes

What is flat wear?

Flat wear is used to describe a pair of shoes. This would be a pair of shoes that is flat on the bottom. Heels wouldn't count, and neither would tennis shoes.

What types of shoes are used in ballet?

"Flat" shoes which are made out of leather or canvas, these are not the shoes you wear to stand on your toes, and then there wre Pointe, or toe shoes which are used to dance on your toes.

What are Tae Kwon Do shoes for?

Taekwondo shoes are used primarily to keep your feet warm. I teach TKD and I wear the shoes, but when I sparr I take them off. Only black belts are allowed to wear the shoes in class.

Should toddlers wear croc shoes?

I think if the used shoes comes from their siblings... and the shoes are in good condition.. then it's okay...

What kind of shoes do people wear in Italy?

people wear loses shoes and maybe sand shoes they also wear high shoes.

Do you have to wear shoes?

You don't have to wear shoes. They protect your feet, but you don't have to wear them.

What did the incas women wear?

the womens used to wear ankle length skirts,garments,and grass shoes

What shoes does john cena wear in 2010?

He used to wear Reebok but now he wears under armour

Are converse shoes bad for your feet?

Converse shoes are really confortable, I used to wear them all the time when I was younger.

Does the Kumeyaay Indians people wear shoes?

they did not wear shoes