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Yeah. I'm not sure why, but my mom always says it super bad for you. Hope it helped!

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Q: Is it unhealthy to not move your bowels?
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Why can't my welsh corgie move his bowels without my help?

the bowels are to heavy

Does fiber give you energy?

No it doesn't. Have any calories so it can't make energy

Should you move out of your moms house if I am unhealthy?

It depends on how unhealthy you are. If you are extremely unhealthy it would probably be a better choice to stay with your mom. If you move you will have to pay for your own medical expenses. If you are unsure of just unhealthy you are and if you are capable of living on your own speak with your family doctor.

Do pistachio nuts help move bowels?

Yes, because of the fiber content.

How does lupus affect the bowels?

It allows the bowel to move freely in this case you are going to the bathroom in your pants.

What is fiber good for?

The digestive system (the bowels). It helps to move food along.

Does popcorn contibute to constipation?

Since there is a good deal of fiber in popcorn it can actually help you move your bowels.

Do invertebrates have bowels?

Yes, invertebrates have bowels.

How does the laxative habit begin?

The laxative habit begins innocently enough with the correct belief that bowels should move every day

How do you make a dogs bowels move?

Fiber enriched dog foods will make the dogs dirt move easier. Consult the vet for more options on how to help cure dog constipation.

What are some things you can do to make your bowels move regular?

Eat more fiber, drink more water and start doing cardiovascular activities.

How do you take a pyramid with 15 pieces and make it appear inverted by only moving 3 pieces?

first move the universe 180 degrees them move your butt to the toilette seat and then move your bowels and flush,thus inverting it. You need to move three pieces at a time.