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How much Manuka honey is too much? Is the Methylglyoxal it contains safe?

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Q. How safe is Manuka honey containing Methylglyoxal?

A. Methylglyoxal is known to kill bacteria and may also have an effect on other cells. However, Methylglyoxal has been ingested for decades as a naturally-occuring compound in food without any negative consequences becoming apparent.

People with medical conditions such as Diabetes must of course be careful with any honey because of its sugar content.

Manuka honey with at least 150 mg/kg of Methylglyoxal (a rating of MGO150) is required to kill most common bacteria. That doesn't mean you have to consume 15% of a 1 kg jar - just that honey with a lesser rating won't be strong enough to do the job.

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Q: Is it toxic if use too much manuka honey?
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