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Not if you do so with ground glass or thumb tacks in your mouth. Otherwise, it shant harm you ... unless you're allergic to blood, which could prove a momentous problem for you in other ways.

...the Devil loves you, too.


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Q: Is it safe to swallow your own blood?
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Will you get a disease if you swallow your semen?

If you swallow your own semen, then no, you can't get anything new. It's quite safe. It's fairly safe, too, to swallow someone else's semen.

Is it safe to lick your own semen?

Of course it is. People swallow it all the time -.-

Is it safe to swallow menstrual blood?

If it's from a healthy person it shouldn't carry any special risk. But there are a lot of diseases that can be transmitted by blood.

If you swallow blood will you get HIV?

If you swallow alittle blood will you get HIV

Is it safe for a child to swallow fake jewelry?

No. It isn't safe for a child to swallow anything that isn't food.

Can I store my own blood before an operation, just in case I will need a blood transfusion?

It is not safe to attempt to store your own blood. You can contact a blood bank who can help you do this for you.

Is it safe to swallow mouth wash?


Is semen safe to swallow after a week has passed after ejaculation?


Is it safe to swallow airheads?

yes, it is!

Is It Safe To drink What if your Own semen?

Yes it is safe. I do not advise doing that though. It is safe and you can do so if you wish. You cannot give yourself any infection from taking your own semen. Many males masturbate and swallow their own semen. Recent studies have found that consuming human semen reduces depression. You can find an article about that in the related links below.

Is it safe to swallow bath water?

Yes it is safe usually to swallow a mouth or two of bath water. I wouldn't drink it though as it will contain unpleasant tastes of soap or shampoo !

What clay do you put in your mouth?

it is very safe and u can swallow it