Is it safe to swallow hair?

Updated: 9/11/2023
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I would not make it part of your diet. Occasionally we all swallow a strand of hair, but if you are continuously swallowing hair, there will obviously be a cause and effect of some type. We are not cats who can cough up hair balls!

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no it is not good because hair balls are going to start growing inside your body. and then you can not breath.

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Q: Is it safe to swallow hair?
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Is it safe to use hair clips on my two year old daughter?

It's generally safe with the plastic clip type. The only danger is them trying to swallow it.

Is it possible to swallow hair?

Yes, people who chew their hair often swallow it and sometimes get hairballs.

Is it safe for a child to swallow fake jewelry?

No. It isn't safe for a child to swallow anything that isn't food.

Will you get a disease if you swallow your semen?

If you swallow your own semen, then no, you can't get anything new. It's quite safe. It's fairly safe, too, to swallow someone else's semen.

Is it safe to swallow mouth wash?


When you take a hair of a cat and swallow it will you cough?

yes of course you will you swallow with your hair don't you? Yeah, I'd say you'd probably cough.

Is it safe to swallow airheads?

yes, it is!

Is semen safe to swallow after a week has passed after ejaculation?


Where does hair go after you swallow it?

through the esophagus to the stomach and the rest of the intestional tract.

Can a human swallow a pubic hair?

Yes - a human can swallow pretty much any kind of hair, but you've probably noticed that when you get a hair in the back of your throat it tickles and irritates and you feel the need to cough to get it out.

What happens when you eat hair?

nothing cause u can not eat hair caused u cannot swallow it! ^An idiot wrote that. You can swallow your hair, and it can cause a blockage in your digestive track. If you eat enough, it can kill you.

Is it safe to swallow bath water?

Yes it is safe usually to swallow a mouth or two of bath water. I wouldn't drink it though as it will contain unpleasant tastes of soap or shampoo !