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Q: Is it safe to sleep with covers over your head?
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How do slugs sleep?

slugs sleep by curling them selfs up and acting dead to stay safe over there slumber.

Is it safe to sleep with your head directly next to a plug socket in use?

No. Unplug anything that is in use that is next to you.

Good night and sleep with the angels?

It means to have a safe and peaceful sleep.

Is it safe to sleep with contact lens?


Is it okay for your kitten to sleep with you?

Sure! Just make sure that you won't hurt it. If you roll over or move a lot in your sleep, I would not advise it. You want to make sure that your kitty stays safe.

Are cord covers safe for family use?

Cord covers are a great way to keep your child safe and your home family-friendly. Without covers or ties around your electrical cords, children may be in danger of choking or even electrocution if the cords fray. You can rest assured that your child will be safe around them.

Is it safe to sleep on your tummy at 27 weeks of pregnancy?

It is safe but probably not very comfortable.

Is it safe to work out before bedtime?

Safe, yes, but it may make it hard to sleep.

Where can I buy pool covers online?

I have two kids so I need pool covers to keep them safe. Where can I buy it online?

Is it safe for babies to sleep on their back?

I think they should because they aren't supposed to sleep on their face.

Is it safe to mix cipralex and melatoninfor sleep disorders?


Who do tapirs sleep?

In the jungle, hidden in a safe spot