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Yes by why would you want to the foreskin is there to protect the glans and leaving it pulled back during sleep will tend to reduce the sensitivity of the glans, it also indicates that you need to stretch your foreskin so that it returns to its proper natural position .

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Q: Is it safe to pull back your foreskin during sleeping?
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Do you have to pull the skin back on an uncircumsized penis?

You may pull the skin back of an uncircumsized penis (called the foreskin) in your hygiene routine (in order to clean the glans during the shower) or during certain sexual activities. Otherwise, it is not mandatory...

Have we to pull the foreskin back to cover it after Circumcision or leave it like that?

leave it like what?

If I pull my foreskin back will it stay back until i lose my erection please help?

no it will go back slow but it will

You can pull your skin back when not erected but cant when it is erected what can you do so you can pull it back when erected?

You need to engage in some foreskin stretching exercises. just ask (how do you stretch your foreskin) at the top of this page or on your browser and you will find all the info you need.

Why do you have red marks on the head of your uncircumcised penis and only can see it when you pull your foreskin back?

You need to see a doctor for this problem.

How do men clean their penises?

Keeping penis clean is very important. 1.) Gently pull the foreskin back. 2.) Rinse with warm water only. Soap under the foreskin can cause irritation and swelling. 3.) Pull the foreskin back in place over the head of your penis. Circumcised men can directly use warm water and soap and clean it carefully.

I am 14 and i have an uncut penis and when people ask for me too pull my foreskin back i do but it doesn't go all the way back. Should i talk to a doctor about this?

An un-cut penis, is not having the foreskin on the penis removed either at birth or later in life. You're fine

If your lieing on the bed how do you start a hand job?

Are you kidding me. All you got to do is to lie on your back,pull your dick out, and start moving your foreskin up and down.

How do you treat a circumcised baby?

Never pull the infant's foreskin back. This can cause serious injury and tissue damage. Boys' foreskins will naturally retract on their own, which may be as late as the teenage years. The skin actually protects from dirt and bacteria. However, if the penis gets red or white stuff develops inside the foreskin, use a little bit of palmers coco butter.

How is male circumcision performed?

They normally knock you out or numb your penis then simply pull the foreskin back and chop it off with a pair of dental scissors. Nothing to worry about

Why is the back of your penis head a dark color?

hey, when ever i pull back my foreskin the end of my penius is a dark colur but not realy dark just a middle blue.. i was wondering is it because my foreskin it to tight or ..? so i was wondering how can i fix the problem ? thank you. It changes and gets darker as you grow through Puberty. It is normal.

How do you suck an uncircumsized penis?

Pull down the foreskin to expose the head of the penis.