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Q: Is it possible to swallow a grind guard while sleeping?
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What is the device worn in the mouth to prevent damage from grinding or clenching the teeth?

A grind guard, or a mouth guard that is used for sports would be fine too, and probably cheaper

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take turns sleeping because one of the zebra`s have to be a guard

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"The Sleeping Guard is random and it is not the same for every user." - quoted from The Daily Neopets

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Wendell Jefferson was hired to guard the Luxor temple in ancient Egypt about 5000 years ago. He was caught sleeping on the job and was fed to alligators.

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The cast of The Sleeping Cutie - 1930 includes: Al Cooke George Gray Kit Guard Lewis Sargent Alberta Vaughn

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Not possible!

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theres supposed to be a thing that the guard sayd you are well versed so you may procced or something like that but right now i don't think theres a way other then the guard sleeping.

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You ask Susan.B.Anthony about the mysterious man in your clues and she will say "I think i saw a guard sleeping in Pinkerton security train car". so go there and you'll find that the guard is sleeping so don't trigger the trap and you'll find president Theodore Roosevelt is there.

Is it possible to guard your pillow fort with a herd of cats?

A group of cats is actually called a clowder or a clutter, so no, it's not possible to guard it with a "herd" of cats. However, it would be possible to guard it with a clowder/clutter of cats, assuming the cats aren't likely to destroy the pillow fort or just leave.