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obviously it is possible then...

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Q: Is it possible to stretch your lower lip past your chin because I can?
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Did Neanderthals have a chin?

NoAnswer:Neanderthal's had what would be considered in today's population a receding chin. Homo sapiens has a prognathous chin. A chin is simply the most forward part of the lower jaw. If you have no chin, you have no lower jaw.

The chin is what to the forehead?

The chin is lower than the forehead which makes the chin inferior to the forehead.

Where is a horse's chin groove?

The part of the horse's head behind the lower lip and chin. (The area that dips slightly on the lower jaw.)

Is the chin called the naval?

No, the chin is found at the front of your lower jaw, while your navel is your belly button.

Where is the chin located in your boddy?

The chin is located on the lower part of the face, specifically at the front of the mandible bone, which forms the lower jaw. It is the protruding part that lies below the lower lip.

What is the purpose of the chin?

the purpose of a chin is so you dont fall over and break your umbilicalcord. this is the purpose of a chin! The chin is part of the lower jaw. The jaw is used for chewing and talking, along with other things.

What is another word for a chin?

front of lower jaw (n)

What is another word for chin?

front of lower jaw (n)

The lower part of your face?

The chin is below the lip and so is the lower gum.

How can you do to make you grow taller?

hang on a high chin-up bar and let your dead weight stretch your body...

How do you do a chin stand without your back aching Everytime you attempt to do it your back aches afterwards and is it normal for it to ache?

Just stretch more before and after doing your chin stand . Then after awhile it won't hurt .

What is a chin cello?

The term "Chin Cello" affectionately denotes a moderately large (generally 16 inches in length or more) viola that is tuned an octave lower, which is consistent with the tuning of a cello. The traditional cello is played sitting down, but the "chin cello" is played under the chin, hence the name. The strings are able to be pitched lower by using a special thicker gauge of strings that are capable of producing lower notes.