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No it is not

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Q: Is it possible to shrink at 14 years of age?
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Is it possible to be dylexic at age 14?

Yeah but you can't get it at age 14

When will your breasts get bigger at age 14?

It is possible.

I'm 14 years old i've experienced a growth spurt at the age of 12.5 and i'm 5'6 is it possible for me to hit another growth spurt?

If you are 14 and experience a growth spurt at 12.5 years old, it is possible you will hit another growth spurt. If you are 5'6, it is possible you will gain several more inches.

What age do pugs die at?

male at 14-16 years and female at 12-14 years!

What is Fergus Riordan's age?

14 years

What age does Publix hire?

14. But it is highly unlikely you'd get hired because of your age. Good luck!

What is the driving age for mopeds in Ohio?

14 years of age and older

What is the youngest marriage in India?

Legal marriage age in India: Female: 14 years of age Male: 16 years of age. The youngest ((LEGAL)) marriage age in the world is in Yemn (Middle-East country) the legal age for marriage in Yemen, Female:12 years of age Male:14 years of age

Does 14 plus mean you can be 14 years of age or do you have to be 15 years old to get in event?

14 plus means you must be at least 14 years old or more.

Im 14 years old can you baby sit?

14 years old is a perfect age to babysit

At what age can your dog eat treats?

in human years, age 2. In dog years [2x7] 14

Bone age delay of 2 years and you started puberty at the age of 14 your current height is 5 feet 7 inches and your age is 17 will you continue to grow to your full adult height?

At the age of 17 it is possible that you are still growing - but it is also possible that you have already reached your full growth. Wait and see.