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Q: Is it possible to never throw up in your life?
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Is it possible to throw up out of your nose?


When should you throw up?

Throwing up as a way to enhance beauty is never recommended. This is a life threatening eating disorder known as bulimia and is a very serious condition.

Does everyone throw up in their life?


Is it possible to smoke hookah to the put where you throw up?


Can cat throw up green split?

well i have never seen a cat throw up green spit my cats throws up all the time

Do you poop when you throw up?

yes, most of the time do poop out of your rectum when you have a stomach virus, or throw up. It is possible not to poop when you throw up though.

Is it possible to throw up blood?

Yes. Throwing up blood is possible, but it is usually a bad thing.Yes, but if you do you should consult a doctor immediatly.

If you eat 3 meals a day and throw up once can you lose weight?

it's never good to throw up and think that you can loose weight, it will eventually catch up to you!

Do you have an eating disorder if you only throw up unhealthy food?

No, it you throw up the food, it does not matter if it is healthy or not. You eat anything and then throw it up to lose weight. But do not do it, it can lead to serious health issues later in life.

How many sweets can someone eat before throwing up?

It all depends on the person's tolerance of sweets. Some people will throw up after about five sweets, and some will never throw up.

When feeling like you need to throw up but never do is that considered morning sickness?


Can your stomach burst from over eating?

You will throw up before it happens but yes, it is possible