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nope ive tried. But you can make youself stop growing by drinking alot of coffee. This will make sure you dont get any taller.

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Q: Is it possible to make yourself shorter?
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Is there any possible way to make yourself shorter?

Either get very old or hit your head with a hammer.

People with shorter parents taller than me?

Yes, it is possible to have shorter parents than yourself.

Can you make yourself shorter besides bending your knees?

yes because you can put on longjeans and you will be shorter.

Is there any way to make yourself shorter temporarily?

Bend your knees.

How do you make your name shorter on roblox?

Sorry but that's not possible.

Can you make yourself depressed?

Yes. It is very possible to make yourself depressed.

Is it possible to make yorself faint?

yes it is possible to make yourself faint

Home remedies to make yourself shorter?

Without damaging yourself, kneel or sit down.

Is it possible to alter a wedding dress?

Yes, but as with most apparel, it is easier to make it smaller and shorter.

Are there methods to stunt your body height and make yourself shorter?

Drink lots of coffee and you may stop growing.

Can you make a real animal by yourself?

maybe yes but possible

How do you become famous with magic?

Magic can not make one famous. Only your actions and what you believe is possible for yourself can make yourself. Do not accept limits and do not surround yourself with people who do believe in limits.