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no impossible, well.. it really depends on how much did u drink. if u go into a coma then yeah u would feel it until Wednesday or so on.

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Q: Is it possible for you to drink on Saturday night more than usual and then not start to feel your hangover till Wednesday?
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If you drink 6 beers on a Saturday night will it show up on Wednesday morning on your urine?

If you drink six beers on a Saturday night, it is highly unlikely that it would show up in your system on Wednesday morning. Alcohol usually leaves your system within 8 to 12 hours depending on how your body metabolizes it.

Is it possible to pass out and not get a hangover?

sometimes, just take an advil before you go to sleep, then drink a beer when you wake up

Why do you get a hangover?

because after you drink you are dehydrated

Do you always get a hangover after getting drunk?

After every time you drink you do not get a hangover. If you are able to control the amount you drink you will be able to control how you act afterward.

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There are 120 of these anti-hangover pills, but how many pills do you have to take for each hangover?

Take one tablet per drink to avoid hangover, up to six total.

Why does Benadryl give a hangover?

Benadryl causes a hangover from dehydration, just like alcohol. Drink plenty of water before bed and the hangover effect will be drastically reduced

Ok you drunk some alcohol last night and got a hangover?

Next time drink in moderation and you won't get a hangover.

What is the only way a person can be sure to prevent a hangover?

dont drink

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