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Q: Is it possible for humans to sleep for 2 days straight?
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Is it possible to walk for 5 days straight at a rate of four miles per hour?

No. You need to sleep.

Can you stay up for 7 days straight?

I'm not sure that its physically possible, but even if you could theoretically do it, it would be extremely unhealthy. Your body needs sleep to function.

If you take to many sleeping pills is it possible to sleep for four days straight?

Sleeping for four days straight would mean death. It is very dangerous to consume more than the recommended dosage of sleeping pills. If you have a real sleeping problem you should consult your doctor.

Can people go without sleep?

People can only go without sleep for about two days. Then they just have to fall asleep. Ive stayed up 4 days straight.

Why does a kitten all the sudden sleep for straight days?

the cats dead, being a vet, cats will sleep for 1 day before death, after that the cat is just dead

How long can humans survive without sleep?

The answer is unknown but the longest anyone has ever stayed up is 11 days!!

How do you grow 1 foot in 3 days?

It's not possible. (Well, for plants it is, for humans it is not).

How long would it take to walk from Florida to Alaska?

A long time seeing that you would most likely drown on your hike

What are the basic differences between the australopithecus and the modern man?

humans now a days have a much larger brain capacity. (smarter) humans now a days are erect (stand straight up), australopithecus walked like monkeys, and we are much taller. humans now a days are less visibly hairy (we're still as hairy as monkeys, we just are covered in smaller hair) humans now a days have different bone structures, different features, we basically have adapted. these are the main differences.

What happens to the body if it is deprived of N-REM sleep and REM sleep?

Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep is a normal stage of sleep characterized by the rapid movement of the eyes.REM sleep in adult humans typically occupies 20-25% of total sleep, about 90-120 minutes of a night's sleep. During a normal night of sleep, humans usually experience about four or five periods of REM sleep.

Your cat was out for 12 hours straight for the past 2 days Is it possible that it was Mating?

If he or she has not been neutered then yes, that is indeed a possibility. EVen a probability. It is what they do.

How long can humans live without water in the wilderness?

Depending on how much they drink on earth it can vary between 1-8 days as you don't die straight away.