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Q: Is it possible dat there are sperms left even after urination afyer ejacilation?
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For starters, I wouldn't advise that an opiate addict take prescription pain medication while trying to get off of other opiates using Suboxone. Suboxone is used for opiate dependence and addiction, and should be used as part of an enitre recovery plan. With that being said, it should be fine taking the Norco after that much time has elapsed just as long as you take the Norco AFTER the Suboxone and not before. Taking Norco before can cause full blown precipitate withdrawls, and an individual should wait to take Suboxone until they are starting to withdrawl from the other opiates. Again, I advise that any individual on Suboxone should stay on it, so that they do not screw up their chances of recovering. You can do it!

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I'm sorry to be the bearer of disappointing news, but there were no Edward VIII Canadian $1 bills issued. As a Prince he was on the 1935 orange coloured $5 bill, but that's it. The dollar bill you have is probably a George VI. It's an awful picture of him, and of course being family the two men do resemble one another. My family have both a $1 bill and a $10 bill, which my mother believed for many years to be Edward VIII, but a little research showed me that this is not so. The Bank of Canada's website shows all the banknotes they've ever issued. You can get close ups which should help you determine what you have. I don't know the value for what you do have, since I have not explored selling mine, but this website should at least let you confirm the identity of what you have, and finding a value should be easier from there.

Was Luke the only person who didn't know Jesus to wrote a book in the bible?

We first have to assume that you mean the New Testament, as the Old Testament was written long before the time of Jesus, so, apart from prophesies about him, Jesus is not mentioned, or known, by any of the authors. In the New Testament, all the books with the exception of Mark and Luke's gospels and the letter to the Hebrews were written by people who had met or knew Jesus in person. There are those accredited to disciples (eg John, Peter, Matthew and Jude) and of course many letters written by Paul, that were written by people who had had an encounter with jesus. John Mark - the probably author of Mark's gospel, is an enigmatic figure. Some believe that he was one of the '72' whom Jesus sent out to surrounding villages to prepare for his visits - and, if true, would mean that he had known Jesus. However, some equate him with an early Church leader and friend of Paul, John Mark, and, if so, it is ncertain whether or not he would have met Jesus. Luke, however, was a Gentile doctor and not a Jew. A friend of Paul, he had never met Jesus bit was commissioned, as a learned man, to write down systematically and accurately the history surrounding Jesus (Luke's gospel) and the early Church (the book of Acts). Many believe that through Paul he had access to Peter and John and hence to Mary (as John took her into his home afyer Jesus' execution) and so in Luke we have the birth stories as a result. Although the letter to the Hebrews has been atributed to Paul by some, it is unlikely to have been written by him. The actual writer is unknown. Therefore we cannot say whether or not the author knew Jesus.