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no it is not could cause sickness and stomache problems

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Q: Is it okay to take 1 Ambien every 6 hours?
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Can you take ambien then 2 hours later take Valium?


Can you take another ambien 8 hours apart?


Can you take ambien cr and vistaril with 4 hours difference?


Can you take Ambien and lorazepam together?

Yes, expect increased sedation (obviously) What if I took 7 1mg of lorazepam a few hours ago and take 20mg ambien before bed. Will this be okay? I took my suboxone way earlier also..please let me know ASAP..thanks so much. S

Why do i test negative on my pee test when i take Ambien and lortab?

ambien is NOT a controlled substance. It stays in body less than 8 hours and is pretty much undetectable after 6 hours

Can you take wellibutrin with Ambien?

You can take wellibutrin with ambien.

Can you take Ambien and tums?

No, But you can take Tums and Ambien! ;)

How long does it take to get from Virginia to Ohio by plane?

4 hours to 9 hours okay <3

Is four hours long enough to wait after taking a Darvocet to be able to take a lorcet?

Yes. Generally opiates are taken every four-six hours. Since Darvocet is a synthetic opiate, you're okay to take a Lorcet within four hours of a Darvocet. I wouldn't take them together though.

Can you take Ambien with aspirin?

yes you can

Can you take Ambien while on healthy trim?

Yes you can. Healthy trim is a diet medication. Ambien is a prescription sleep aid. They are find to take together as long as you follow the prescription on the Ambien bottle.

Is it all right to take ambien and serequel at the same time?

I would not take two drugs which both make you sleepy right on top of each other. You should always try to get to sleep without getting dependent on the Ambien, and only take it if you cannot fall asleep. Take the Seroquel first, before bedtime. If you are not sleepy enough to fall asleep after 30-60 minutes, then you can take an Ambien if you want. Just popping an Ambien every night because it's bedtime only makes you dependent on the drug and makes it impossible for you to get a normal night's sleep.