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Q: Is it okay to eat chocolate after 3 days of getting my tonsils out?
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Is it okay to change your lip ring 14 days after piercing your lip?

Yes it is okay, 14 days after gettin it pierced... it should be okay one week after getting it done.

Is it okay to feed a dog chocolate?

No! It is poisonous to them

Origin of the Egyptian chocolate cake?

i think this cake is okay i think this cake is okay

Is it okay to feed a ferret chocolate?

Chocolate is toxic to ferrets, cats, and dogs. It can kill them

Why is cheap chocolate okay to use in recipes?

Cheap chocolate is okay to use in recipes for one big reason overall. No matter what kind of chocolate you use, if you cook the food as stated in the recipe, it will taste the same.

Are chocolate drinks safe in pregnancy?

Well they certainly are not the most nutritious, but as long as you are getting enough vitamins, nutrients and water daily and additional chocolate drink, non-alcoholic of course, should be okay every once in a while.

Is chocolate good for little girls?

chocolate for little girls is okay but not to much they will be wanting to eat it everyday.use chocolate for a treat or dessert

Is it okay to eat bubbling chocolate pudding?

not sure if it's safe for it's not okay

Is it okay to eat chocolate during pregnancy?

Yes it is okay to eat chocolate during pregnancy, as there is not a lot of caffeine in it yes, some people get cravings for it when they are pregnant and the baby is always fine.

Is chocolate a vegtable?

no its not and isn't very healthy but is okay in Small amounts

Is it okay to feed your parrot chocolate?

It could make them very sick or diemake sure you don't feed them chocolate. Ok bye!

Who here likes chocolate?

I like most chocolates.