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Q: Is it ok to use orange glow to clean hardwood floors?
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Does orange glow make wood floors shine?


What is a good floor cleaner that will make wood floors shine?

For beautiful wood floors, use Orange Glow (C) And Armstrong (C) floor cleaner works great on tile! Hope it helped!!

What do I use to take orange glow off my new prefinished wood floors. Don't tell me ammonia and water. The water ruined the floors at the joints and I still have orange glow on the floor. Help?

Try using a mixture of vinegar and water to remove the orange glow from your prefinished wood floors. Vinegar is an effective natural cleaner that can help break down stubborn residue without damaging the wood. Remember to spot test in a hidden area first to ensure compatibility with your flooring.

What metal gives off an orange glow?

Iron typically gives off an orange glow when heated. The color of the glow is due to the emission of light energy as the metal reaches high temperatures, which causes it to emit a characteristic colored light.

Is mop and glow any good for linolium floors?


Does the liquid inside a glow stick stain clothes or hurt wood floors?

The liquid inside a glow stick usually does not stain clothes, as it is non-toxic and washes out easily. However, if it comes into contact with wood floors, it may leave a slight stain or discoloration. It is best to clean it up promptly to avoid any potential damage.

What has a reddish orange glow when electricity is passed through it?

Neon gas displays a reddish-orange glow when electricity is passed through it, commonly seen in neon lights.

What element is used to give streetlamps their orange glow?


Will mop and glow ruin wood laminate flooring?

Yes. Those products are wretched and will leave a residue that will have to be removed by additional products. Stay away from them. Vinegar, water and a touch of lemon will clean your floors wonderfully and keep them shiny and beautiful.

What kind of glow does uranus have from the gas on its surface?

bluish green or orange

What type of business is Orange Glow Energy?

Orange Glow Energy Ltd is a heating and plumbing company. This company is based out of the United Kingdom, and provides plumbing, heating, and renewable energy installations services.

Do diamonds glow in fluorescent light?

No, diamonds do not glow in fluorescent light. Fluorescent light may enhance the sparkle and brilliance of a diamond due to its dispersion of light, but diamonds themselves do not emit light in that way.