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not medical advice: i think it is ok to take that together, my friend use to do that

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Q: Is it ok to take ascorbic acid together with Myra e?
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If you swallow ascrobic acid is it instantly fatal?

Ascorbic Acid is usually vitamin C. Take enough of it and it might kill you, but in any reasonable amount, it is beneficial to you.

Is it OK to take ascorbic acid when your pregnant?

Yes -- ascorbic acid is vitamin C, and is in many foods recommended in pregnancy (such as fruit and vegetables) as well as most pre-natal vitamin supplements. As with all supplements, moderation is the key.

Why do you have to take ascorbic acid?

Vitamin C tablets are protective against scurvy in people who do not eat enough fruit and vegetables.

Is dragonfruit good for acidic person?

I have been asking this question also! Actually, the acid found in a dragonfruit is called ascorbic acid. Ascorbic acid is an organic compound that is found naturally in these kinds of fruits. Very high in vitamin C! For an acidic person, I recommend this highly, (since humans need this to survive!) but please take the dragonfruit in small portions!

Is it okey if you take Myra e together glutathione?

Yes, You Could Try That. None the less It is both anti oxidant.

What age can you take Myra E?

myra e age limit

Can you take b12 and folic acid together?


Why is citric acid soluble in water?

First get a cup then go to a small dark corner and take a dump in it. second... eat it. now you are ready to put citric acid in water If you cant do this, you are a complete retard.

What is the best time to take Myra e?

at night

Can you take gamolenic acid cod liver oil together?

Yes, but it might not be good for you.

Can you take citalopram and folic acid together?

You MUST ask your doctor. When in doubt "DON'T."

Is it safe to take Vitamin E Myra E 400IU when breastfeeding?

breastfeeding is safe while taking myra e vitamin e?