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This is amazingly inappropriate for the home and garden section. I was looking up Ball mason jars when I saw this. And, by the way, are you eleven?


I'm a

different person speaking

this is totally inappropriate you should mind your own business and not go far with your sexual behaviour

its not like your Miley Cyrus or anything!!





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Q: Is it ok to kiss your wife on her private part?
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Is it ok to put honey on you private part before you do yourself?

It is OK.

Is it ok for you to love your friends wife?

yes. Just do it secretly. what i heard is if the wife likes you, you could even tell kiss her or make love with her.

Is it ok to kiss a girl if you are both lesbians?

Yes. Part of being a lesbian is liking to touch, lick, kiss other lesbians. If you did not do so then it would be assumed you are not a lesbian.

Is kissing my boyfriend at the age of 10 ok?

it's ok to just do a little peck or a kiss on the cheek,but you shouldent do a full on kiss.

When is it ok to french kiss your dad?


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Of course not! My friend had her first kiss when she was 25! Its ok.

Is it ok for a husband to give his wife a wedgie?

I think that it is ok only if it you know that your wife is ok with it. So think before you act.

What is the perfect way to kiss?

i think the perfect way to kiss is by letting the man know that you want to kiss him first and then kiss him if he wants to or let him kiss you and if you don't know if he wants to kiss you then just say that my friend wanted to know if you wanted to kiss me or some excuse like that ok.. that is just my advice OK you don't have to take it if you don't want to

When a guy says he wants to kiss you?

tell him if it is ok to kiss himor even if it is not, after all it is up to you

Is it normal to want to kiss boys?

Yes, it is normal to have feelings of attraction towards boys and to want to kiss them. It is natural to have these feelings as part of exploring your sexuality and forming relationships.

Is it ok to felch your wife?

You'd have to ask your wife if it is okay with her.

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If you are the bride and groom of the wedding at the church...