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Q: Is it ok to drink expired neo citron?
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Is it ok to drink an expired nestea ice tea?

This answer is no help to anyone: "no because it is very nasty and the most thing is is that people are so weird that they drink everything" Please fill in a serious answer

Is it safe to drink expired neocitran?

As far as I know, it's ok. I drink pouchs out of a box that expired in 2007 when I'm sick and it still works really well for me and tastes fine. It may just loose it's effectiveness slightly over time.

Is it ok to take expired testosterone cream?

Well, it's dangerous to use anything that expired.

What has the author Ok-kyun Im written?

Ok-kyun Im has written: 'Yi I' -- subject(s): Neo-Confucianism, History

Is redbull ok to drink when your prengant?

No do not drink it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is it ok to drink Red Bull if it's expired?

Drinking expired Red Bull is probably not going to cause any health issues (besides the caffeine "buzz" from the drink). However, the flavor may be inferior to fresh Red Bull.

You were give a can of coffeee The date has expired on it Is the coffee still ok to drink?

Used by date are a guide line, will last longer, but are put on the can to protect the manifacturer from being sued, give it a go, if not tasting to good throw it away.

Is squash good for you (drink)?

squash as in the vegetable or drink?? Veg=yes, it is healthy Drink= OK in small quantities; about 600ml per day is OK! :)

Is it ok to take 03 2011 cold syrup medicine when it expired?

i wouldn't advise it

Is it ok to use expired ra-4 color paper?

it's perfectly fine

Is it ok to drink alcohol before your period?

why drink alcohol in the first place. it'll be easier to stop if it's not ok

Is waterfall water ok to drink?

yes it is very safe to drink