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No. It is not OK for anyone.

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Q: Is it ok for women to take a bath in bleach?
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Is it ok to take a bath with a cold?

Yes! It is perfectly fine!! I would recommend a warm bath but other than that you are fine!!

Is it ok to take a bath with your webkinz?

In webkinz world you can't take a bath with it but with the stuffed animal it is up to you. It might rune the stuffed animal. So probably not just for the animal.

Is it okay to take a bath at late night?

I am going to answer your question with another question Why would it not be OK

Is frozen bleach ok to use?


Is it ok to force a parakeet to take a bath?

It's never ok to force an animal to do anything, especaily birds. They can die of stress if they get into a situaition that is fearful for them.

Is it OK to take a bath in the evening when you are pregnant?

A warm bath is fine when pregnant, but if the water is too hot it isn't good for the baby. So definitely skip hot tubs! :)

Is it ok to take a bath?

Well ya I can smell you from here. Just kidding. Well, baths are very important for hygiene.

Is it ok to bath your Netherlands dwarf rabbit?

OK? Occasionally, yes. Necessary, no.

Is it ok to bleach blue clothes?

You can use a color safe bleach alternative, but traditional chlorine bleach will fade or leave white spots on your clothes.

Who thinks Bleach is an OK magna?

Bleach is a good manga if you don't mind too many fight scenes.

Can a father take his son to another women's house overnight in Tennessee?

Probably it is ok

Is it ok to take a bath when you have a sunburn?

Depends on how bad the burn is. If the skin it only red there's no risk, although a hot bath will probably be uncomfortable. If the skin has blistered and the blisters ruptured you should avoid dirty bath water.