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I know I have never felt this exhausted. Also, because cigarettes contain a vasodilator, please keep an eye on your blood pressure. Mine was always either low or when stressed it would be what is considered normal. Now mine is quite high, high enough for my doctor to worry and run all sorts of cardiac tests. The cigarettes do contain medications to hide whatever illnesses they can cause so please call your doctor and get some tests run.

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Q: Is it normal too feel exhausted after you quitting smoking?
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Trying to stop smoking marijuana your doctor is suggesting lexapro for your derpression and anxiety would this help with quitting smoking marijuana?

Definitely helped with me. I would suggest quitting smoking completely when you start the medication. The contrast in how I felt was like day and night for me. Also, I dont feel as much of a desire to drink either

Why are drugs and smoking bad?

If drugs and smoking were a good thing, all the people on the world would be smoking, drinking and using drugs. Less and less people nowadays are quitting smoking and they feel much better afterwards. So that happens to all other malefic drugs.

Is it normal to feel confuse irritable and depress after 3 months of quitting lexapro?

These feelings, when they persist or are severe, are never "normal" and should be discussed with a healthcare provider.

Can doing exercises be helpful for getting rid of smoking?

You mean quitting smoking? Yes, exercises are good at releasing the same endorphins in the brain as smoking does. It releases a lot of stress, and after you exercise you will not feel like smoking a cigarette at all. It will really help the lungs regain their strength and efficiency as well.

How should you feel 6 days after quitting cigarettes?

You probably should feel tired and restless. If you have been smoking for a long time, your body will be addicted to the nicotine. Most likely, you will desire the cigarettes still, but stay strong.

How can you get rid of smoking?

a strong determination with a positive mental attitude is very necessary..learn to love ur life and u'll quit ur dear ones n feel their importance in ur life..u kno.passive smoking is much more hazardous than active smoking..wen u feel the urge of smoking just go to ur kitchen and heat a glass full of water and drink it..u'll achieve success in quitting smoking...

Is it normal to crave sugar after quitting drinking?

Yes, alcohol has a lot of sugar in it so you may feel a bit of sugar withdrawal when you stop drinking.

Is it normal to have lung tightness from quitting smoking. I smoked half a pack to a park per day for a year. I quit four days ago. My lungs feel like they have been beaten with a baseball bat?

Same here. From what I've read, lung pain is standard procedure during smoking cessation. I hope it goes away soon, or i might just... light up.

What are the cons to quit and stop smoking using the cold turkey method?

The cons to quitting smoking are withdrawal symptoms such as being grumpy, insomnia and depression. Also someone who quits might feel restless and need to pick up another habit as a distraction.

Will electric cigarettes help you quit smoking?

No electric cigaretes does not help us from quitting smoke but it will not harm our body . when someone take an electric cigarettes there is flavour of nicotine and smells same and you will feel like same as smoking a real cigaretes and you will continue to smoke

Can a chain smoker become a bodybuilder after quitting?

Why not ?? Don't see why someone who stops smoking can't get into bodybuilding!! Make sure you do some cardio though as if you don't you will look big but feel s**t

Why am i so tired and not motivated since quitting smoking five weeks ago?

after quitting, it might take a year or so to get your energy back because your body needs to get used to the fact that there is no longer that specific thing running through your system. also your organs(heart and lungs) might not be in very good shape considering how long you smoked before quitting, so you might also find your not in as good in shape as you might have been before smoking.