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Its not normal because I know a 11year old girl whos 56kg but your meant to be a bit bigger in weight lol.

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Q: Is it normal to weight 56kg for a 16year old girl who's 171cm tall?
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Who is 56kg in 13 years old?

That's completely normal. Kids gain weight at that age. It'll pass.

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What would the mass of a dog be if it has a weight of 100?

The mass of the dog will be 56kg.

What weight in stones and pounds is 56.5 Kgs?

56kg is 8 st 11 lbs

What is the average weight of a 5' 7 teenager?

I am 8st 12 [or 124lbs/56kg] at 5ft 7. And i am 19 year old female. But I've been told my recommended weight is 10st

What is the weight range for a 13 year old that is 5'5?

The ideal weight for you would be 56 kgs but remember muscle weighs more than fat and there is a weight range,56kg is the ideal weight but if your a little under or over that doesnt matter

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56kg is 8.8 stone.

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At a height of 165cm age 12 a female should weigh around 56kg. However it is all dependent on the individual. 3kg ether way would be within an acceptable healthy weight.

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56kg = 8st 11lb 7.34oz

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It really depends on the breed, the genetics within that breed that the individual sheep has, the condition/health of the sheep and how much it has been fed, and the target weight the farmer has chosen - a farmer is required to have a STEADY, CONSTANT product, meaning that he doesn't want to sell sheep that all have different weights.Usually, ~56kg for a prime lamb enterprise. As carcass weight is only ~40% of the live animal weight, this would result in a carcass of 24kg.