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Yes, it is perfectly normal. Some say the best way to get rid of itches is lemon juice. The juice from a lemon is also a way to naturally lighten hair.

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Q: Is it normal to wash hair with lemon?
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When you wash your hair with lemon juice do you use conditioner and shampoo too?

You should wash you hair with shampoo (as normal), rinse it and then rinse it again with water to which a little vinegar or lemon juice has been added. It will make it shiny. When you do this you should not also use a conditioner.

If you wash red hair with lemon juice will it do anything?

i think your hair will turn green?

When you wash your hair with lemon is it permanent?

Yes. Over time it will permanently lighten your hair.

Can washing your hair with lemon juice turn it lighter?

yes, you can actually make your hair a couple shades lighter! When you wash your hair with lemon juice. If you do your usual routine and just add in some lemon juice you can have lighter hair!

If you put lemon in your hair while taking a shower does it make it lighter?

No, but if you put some lemon juice in your hair and go into the sun for a while, your hair will gradually get lighter. Then you can wash it out.

How can you wash permanent hair extension?

You should be able to be able to wash them just as you would your normal hair.

Does drying lemon juice in your hair work to make it lighter?

yes it does , i have tried it , leave it in your hair for about a hour. then wash it out.

How do you make your hair back to normal after straighting it?

wash it.

What do you wash your Japanese straightened hair with?

You can wash it with any normal shampoo, but you have to wash it 3 days after you get it done.

What do lemon do to your hair?

If you put lemon in your dry hair, go outside into the sun for about 15 minutes, come in wash it out and with some hair, it makes you hair lighter. If you had ginger hair it would go strawberry blonde, brown blondey(ish) and so on.

How do you get free hair coloring by the sun?

Well, If you have dark hair wash it in vinegar before you have fun at a pool or beach. If you have blonde hair wash in lemon juice before going in the sun! NO Sun-in. It destroys your hair and it turns orange!

Can you wash lemon juice out of your hair?

Lemon juice is acidic and destroys the protective coating of your hair. Worse that happens is your hair breaks apart