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Yes. When the blastocyst (which is what the embryo is called at this stage) is implanting itself into the wall of the uterus, it erodes part of the endometrial lining (the part that is shed during a period) away so that it can fully embed itself in the wall. This can commonly cause spotting. If the bleeding were to continue for more than about a day, or if you are worried about the amount, you're better off to go and see your doctor, just in case.

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Q: Is it normal to spot and find out youre pregnant?
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What does it mean when my pregnant guppie has a reddish interior on her Travis spot?

It is normal for a pregnant guppie to have a reddish interior on her Travis spot

I did it on the 6 of July my period came down on the 9 of July first i spot it then i just started bleeding normal do you think I'm pregnant or not?

Very unlikely. if you're bleeding like normal you're not pregnant

My guppy has a red pregnant spot instead of a black one what does this mean?

That is quite common. Don't worry about it. A gravid spot does not have to be dark or black. Your guppy is perfectly normal.

Is it normal to have slight spotting around 5 weeks pregnant that lasts for about 4 days?

It can be. It is normal to spot on and off during your whole pregnancy. But its always best to let your doctor know.

Is it normal to spot after your first missed period?

I just wanted to add a response to this question. I was told to abstain from sex if I was having any kind of spotting/staining during the first trimester of my pregnancy. spotting while your pregnant is not normal, but after sex is. The reason why you stop aftersex means that your ripped a little and that is normal just try to be more careful with sex next time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. i know from experience :) hi it's lulu and when you spot when your pregnant your either having sex too much or you are having it to rough. dont get worried it wont affect the baby

Can you be pregnant if you spot for one day?

yes you can be pregnant

Is it normal to spot once a month at 5-6 months pregnant?

Yes its normal in some women. Check with your doctor though and also check for a UTI. These are very common during pregnancy.

You are 4 12 months pregnant with twins and you have recently started spotting really dark brown Is this normal?

it is common for pregnant women to 'spot' this is also known as a false period. If you are worried, talk to your OBGYN.

I think i am 5 week pregnant i have missed a period but i havent experience no spotting is this normal?

Well I would say that you should take a home pregnancy test to make should that you are pregnant but I mean I dont think you have to spot to be pregnant some women spot when the baby inplants but that is like 10 days after having sex! but anyways take a test to know for sure that you are pregnant!!!

Is there a possibity that you could be pregnant if you spotted a coupel of days before your normal period starts?

If you got your normal period, then the chances of you being pregnant are very low. The spotting is probably just because you were ovulating (releasing an egg) which happens before your period. Many women spot then

How can you tell when a veil tailed guppy is pregnant?

There will be a dark spot in front of the fishes anus (cloaca) in a pregnant (gravid) female livebearer. This spot is called the "Gravid Spot".

How do you know if a tropical female fish is pregnant?

With a guppy you need to look at the gravid spot. This is a dark spot in the fish's belly. A large gravid spot indicates the fish is likely to be pregnant. You can tell how pregnant the fish is by how large the spot is. Sorry I have no experience with other species.