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Q: Is it normal to have some smell in urine?
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I just squirted for the first time and there was a slight urine smell to it. Is this normal?

Yes, this is normal. No need to worry.

Why does urine have a funny smell?

It can be related to the concentration or to something you have eaten and be totally normal. Occasionally it can be from an infection.

What does urine smell like if pregnant?

it smells like normal peoples but much stronger and heavier

Why does your menstruation smell like ammonia?

amonia smell comes from urine, you might have some urine leaking from a urinary tract infection?? see a dr.

What is fruity urine smell?

A fruity urine smell is normally indicative of diabetes. The fruity smell is attributed to the presence of ketones in urine.

Why does your urine smell like urine?

Because urine has urine in it.

Is urine a biohazard Why or Why not?

Normal urine is sterile when voided and therefore does not constitute a biohazard. Urine left in open containers will start to decompose and smell, but still one would not expect to catch a disease from it.

Can cabbage cause a urine smell?

Yes cabbage can cause a urine smell.

Can the smell of human urine damage your health?

The smell of urine can not damage your health.

What is normal odor of urine?

Pure urine is odourless. When it comes into contact with other things (such as bacteria), it begins to stink. Usually the smell is quite sharp and offensive to the nose.

What does urine smell like in early pregnancy?

Urine. Ammonia. The smell of urine does not change in early pregnancy. Or late pregnancy.

The urine of a diabetic patient with ketoacidosis may have a smell of what?

Acetone (nail polish remover), or pear drops. Some people call it a 'fruity' smell. The smell is more easily noticed on the patient's breath than in the urine.