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yes it's totally normal it's normally a girl thing but guys sometimes get it. the only way to stop it is to sit and relax be by yourself for a while you could just be getting impatient or irritated.

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Q: Is it normal to have fits of rage just randomly?
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What are fits of rage?

Fits of rage are intense episodes of uncontrollable anger or frustration, often leading to outbursts of violent or destructive behavior. They can be triggered by various factors such as stress, disappointment, or feeling powerless. It is important to seek help and learn healthy coping mechanisms to manage and prevent these fits.

How can you get shiny Pokemon in soul silver version without using cheat codes?

You just need to hope one randomly appears or you can catch the red Gyrados at the lake of rage

What mental condition causes fits of rage?

narcissistic rage That is one but there are others. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Mania, Depression, there are many. I would recommend a professional looking at the pattern in the instances of rage before anyone is hurt.

What behaviour may be exhibited by a child with secure attachment?

Following the one the babys attach too, crying alot when the babys attacher away, throwing fits of rage when attacher thretens to leave,and when the baby wakes up and throws fits of rage until the attacher returns in sight.

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Is rage normal during puberty?

Mood swings, including rage arecompletely normal during puberty. It is caused by the fluctuation in testosterone and other hormones in males during puberty. Though their are also other factors that can cause rage, such as stress, which is also very common to pubescent males. Yes Boys do I Have Been Through Puberty My Doctor Said That it Was Because They Desired The Oppsite sex. The hormones of both male and female during puberty can cause mixed emotions very quickly and randomly so it can be very confusing at times. Stress and anger is displayed in rages but is also very quickly forgotten. It is a normal part of puberty for many teenagers.

What did we learn that explained mrs dubose's fits?

Mrs. Dubose's fits were explained by her struggle with a morphine addiction that caused withdrawal symptoms, including bouts of rage and agitation. She was attempting to overcome her addiction before she died.

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ALT stands for alanine aminotransferase. The normal rage for ALT is around 7 to 56 units per liter of serum.

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How can you avoid road rage?

Yes, rage is a choice. When you let others "rage" you out, you are giving them control over you. So, just remain calm and realize the other person is an idiot and let it gol