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If you were deep throating very roughly or the guys penis is larger than average, yes.

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Q: Is it normal to have a severe sore throat after deep throating?
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Can giving head help a sore throat?

Depends if its long or not... i wouldn't go deep throating if you have a sore throat...

What is deep throat in sexual terms?

Deep throating is when a guy penis goes down your throat while giving him oral sex

Is wanting to deep throating normal?

Actually its the lust of doing everything during intercourse.Its due the excitement.

What does deep throating mean?

Deepthroating is performed while oral sex is being given to a male. The person performing oral sex takes the entire penis into their mouth and throat repeatedly, which usually intensifies the sensations felt by the one receiving the oral sex.

What is deep throating?

Sticking the man's penis deep down a woman's throat, usually until her gag reflex kicks in. This is usually followed by the man ejaculating into the woman's mouth. It tends to be hard for a woman to do.

How deep can you?

Deep throating someone means that the woman involved puts the penis in her mouth and relaxes it down her throat. If you are new to this particular technique, it is recommended that when you feel the urge to gag, swallow. This reduces the gagging feeling.

Can deep throating cause pain?

no just sperm

Why do women gag when deep throating?

It's because of a gag reflex--a reflex contraction of the back of the throat, which is caused by touching the soft palate (the soft tissue that makes up the back of the roof of the mouth.) It's what keeps things from coming down our throat except for normal swallowing--it helps prevent choking. Everyone's gag reflex is different.

When someone pokes your food is that flirting?

Probably not, unless they're deep-throating your banana.

What is is called when you ejaculate while deep throating?

ejaculating, just like every other time

Is deepthroating dangerous?

If your partner happens to have them, you could get bacterial infections or stis in your mouth or throat from deep throating or giving oral sex. So you may want to use condoms (you can try the flavoured ones) just in case.

How do guys feel about getting deep-throated?

If you mean deep-throating a male, it is intensiveness pleasure. If you mean having a male deep-throated, then unless they're homosexual, it would be very awkward, I assume....?