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Q: Is it normal to have a butt smell?
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What will happen if you pee on your butt?

Your butt will stink and smell like pee your butt will get wet duhhh

What do cattails smell like?


Does butt smell bad?


Is your butt wiped?

Nope. U smell

Why does your butt smell like your foot?

it doesnt

Why do people smell there butt?

they smell their butts because they want to see what it smells like.

Does scented toilet paper make your butt smell better?

YES i belive it does i dont know wanna smell me butt ya know just to check

What are the critique of biological?

u smell like butt

Why do I smell like butt?

Because you did something..... Obviouslty

What does butt smell like?

but smells like flowers

Why does a beagles butt smell?

Because you put your nose in it.

What is the normal smell of penicillin pills?

If you are trying to identify a pill by the smell, you will not get far. There is no normal smell for penicillin.