Is it normal is im 68 pounds?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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OMG..... you weigh 68 that's not normal...unless your like five, or if your really short.....and skinny....idk....but ewwwww 68 pounds is really skinny, i mean im skinny and i weight 95....i could not immagine loseing 22 um yeay...there ya go...

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Q: Is it normal is im 68 pounds?
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What should 4'6 9 year old boy weigh?

Boys at that age should be at least 50 to 68 pounds im sure Boys at that age should be at least 50 to 68 pounds im sure

Im 5foot1 and weigh 92 pounds is that normal?


Im an 11year old girl and you weigh 120lb are you fat?

if your over 5 4 no your medeeuimm imm 56 inches im 68 pounds

I am 5'6 and 115 pounds at 14 Am I fat?

no you are normal! im 5.4 and im 123 lbs and im normal dont lose any weight because you are going to be underweight .

I weigh 97 pounds and im fourteen and im 5 foot 2 and athletic is that normal?

yes! thats perfect

Im 13 im 140 pounds and im 5'8....Is that Normal?

It all depends on your backround and where your from. But in my class theres a grade five who is about 156 centimeters.

What is 68 pounds in kilos?

One kg equals 2.2. pounds. As such, 68 pounds would be 30,9 kg.

What is 68 pounds in stone?

68 stones is 952 pounds (14 pounds per stone).

Im 4 feet 7 inches and im 100 pounds am i fat?

NO. Your body-mass index is in the middle of the Normal range. Congratulations.

I am 5'2 foot i am eleven year old and how much should i weigh?

im eleven and 5'2 too! im 97 pounds... is this normal?

Which is heavier 140 pounds or 68 kilograms?

68 kilograms is heavier because it equates to 149.914 pounds.

Im 5'5 130 pounds and a male Is that normal?

As a male that is 5'5 and weighs 130 pounds, you are in the normal range for your height.