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Promble not you should problely see ur docotor

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Q: Is it normal for your stomach to hurt after sex?
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Is it normal for you stomach to bloat after sex?

If someone poked a hole in it yes.

Is it normal for your stomach and lower stomach to hurt and be kind of bloated because you are on your period and have been exercising a lot?


Is it normal to experience stomach pain after deep sex for five days?

No. Go to a doctor

Why do some position hurt during sex?

Some positions hurt during sex if the guy is pretty big compared to the girl. The doggy position can hurt sometimes and so do other positions just because the way you are having sex. A guys penis can push on the girl's insides and cause pain, such as pain in the stomach that follows after sex. For some couples like me and my wife, it is just normal to feel a little pain and achey after sex.

Why does a woman get hurt her stomach after sex even i didn't get her spermed?

It shouldn't hurt. Might wanna get that checked out... If so... Did she eat something before sex? Cause the heavy blood flow throughout your body is strenuous to weak stomaches....

Is post sex pain normal?

No it should'nt hurt afterwards unless you've been playing rough.

You are on birth control but you have stomach cramps is that normal?

Yes that is still normal, in most girls, the pain should either go away or just hurt less. Some girls go on birth control for that exact reason, so it is normal for you to have stomach pain on birth control

Is it normal for a woman to like rough sex?

== == If its what you want, it is okay. As long as it doesnt hurt anybody even yourself!

Is it normal to have your stomach hurt every time the baby moves at 17 weeks?

You are maybe maybe suffering from braxton hicks contraction.

Why does your right side Of my stomach hurt when you cough?

you have pulled your lower abdominal muscle. its perfectly normal but when you cough it feels like something wants to pop out of your lower stomach. similar to a hernia. but after cough goes away the muscle will go back to normal.

On the pill had unprotected sex 3 times 1 month ago was the last took 2 home tests both said neg got really sore boobs sore when you have sex in the lower stomach when having sex stomach feels hard?

when u have sex it depends if your stomach gets hard like for instance if u r stressed and not sure if u want to have sex and u r haveing it ur stomach is hard if u r relaxed then ur stomach is not hard and yea ur boobs would hurt if the boy or if ur doing a girl and ur a girl... o3o they can only really hurt if they grab them suck on them and if a boys penis is in you they move around alot when ur in the bedlight >.>

Does it hurt when you have your first period?

Depends what your talking about when you say "hurt." If your talking about pain in the vagina, then no it doesnt her but it feels like your peeing yourslef at times. If your talking about stomach pains and your boobs hurting then yes and no. Your boobs usually hurt before you get your period once your period starts they dont hurt anymore. Stomach pains are very normal but not everyone gets them and they continue off and on during your period. Personally when i had my first my boobs didnt hurt but my face broke out and i felt very tired, and during my period my stomach did hurt but not that badly.