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It can happen, but should not just be ignored either! Many women find that sexual intercourse pushes yeast or bacteria into the urethra. Burning during urination is ALWAYS a sign of irritation of either the urethra (the tube) or the bladder. If you already have a bladder infection, urine "burns" because bacteria produce proteins that irritate the bladder walls AND the outside skin. A doctor can check with a urinalysis done immediately in the office, or sending your urine to the lab for Culture & Sensitivity (C&S).

Until you get to a doctor, you can wash with mild soap and plenty of water. Drinking cranberry juice can make the urine more acidic--which bacteria hates, but will help decrease the bacteria's ability to multiply. And, you can dab Monistat on the vulva and down to the vagina to decrease burning on the skin. Make sure you increase your fluid intake to flush the bladder.

IF you find you often get bladder or yeast infections from having sex, talk to your doctor.

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No. This could be a sign of a UTI (urinary tract infection). It is best to get this checked by a doctor.

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Q: Is it normal for urinating to sting after sex?
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