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Yes the propane(or any other gas) is liquid for most of it's journey from tank to your stove. for that gas t be liquid it needs to be cold. The cold regulator is just the liquid propane chilling the regulator. The only hot part is when the gas is ignited.

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Q: Is it normal for the gas grill regulator to get cold?
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What time is it if the hole in the back of the gas grill regulator is leaking gas?

Look at your watch to tell the time. If the gas grill regulator is leaking gas, replace it.

What is a gas grill regulator?

AnswerThe regulator forces the gas from the propane tank to maintain a constant discharge pressure-regardless of the level of propane in the tankA regulator does not force gas from a tank. It merely regulates the amount of pressure from the tank.

What does a gas grill regulator look like?

The regulator is actually the silver, metal disc that is connected to your liquid propane gas tank. It's connected to the gas tank with a black, plastic collar, and then a hose goes from the regulator to your grill! There's a picture and even more in depth description of regulators and their purpose on this blog:

Can the outside temperature have an effect on a gas grill?

Yes. If it is extremely cold, the gas will freeze and will be unusable.

What does frost on a regulator for a propane grill mean?

As bottled propane changes from liquid to gas as it passes through the requlator it changes state and absorbs heat from the air. This causes the moisture in the air to freeze around this metal part. This is normal and is exactly the same mechanism as used in a fridge. Placing an adhesive strip thermometer,or your hand, vertically on the side of the gas bottle will tell you how full it is by the cold boundary.

What is the function of gas regulator of a Bunsen burner?

The gas regulator controls the fuel gas flow.

Is there any danger if the 16.4 oz propane tank for your Weber Q grill get very cold during grilling and what causes it?

The propane is going from a HIGH pressure, to a very low pressure,as you are using the gas,the tank WILL get very cold, this is very normal, and NOT dangerous. Great that you noticed it, but do NOT be alarmed.

Over time, is it cheaper to operate a gas grill or a charcoal grill?

Charcoal and gas grills usually cost around the same in the long run. It is more expensive to buy a gas grill, but charcoal to use in a charcoal grill is much more expensive than gas to use in a gas grill.

Should I buy a gas or normal charcoal Weber BBQ grill?

If you are going to buy a Weber barbecue grill, you should go ahead and get the gas one because it works better. It;s a little more expensive, but its better quality.

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What is the purpose of a gas regulator?

A gas regulator helps to maintain a steady flow of gas. A propane tank is an example of an item with a gas regulator. One opens up the tank to allow the right amount of gas to flow to the BBQ.