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Q: Is it normal for heat pump to run for long periods of time before shutting off when it's very cold outside?
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Is it normal to get pink discharge just before periods due?

Yes it is normal.

Is blackish spots before starting periods normal?


Can you get pregnant 7 days before your periods then after have a normal 7 days of your period duration?


Is this normal to have periods 3 days before your periods due?

This can happen when you have taken the morning after pill or birth control pills and it can also happen when under stress or in the case of irregular periods.

If you have normal periods but every now and again you spot between your periods what is causing this if you have been to a gynecologist and the results were normal?

spotting can happen either before of after your period often it is dried blood if however you are worried then you should contact your gp.

Is it normal to start your periods then not have another one for months?

Yes, you can have periods and not have another for mouths its completely normal.

Is it normal to gain weight before a period and not drop it until after it's over?

Yes, 8 out of 10 women get bloated before and during their periods.

You like to get tied to the bed and gagged for long periods of time during after and before you have sex is this Normal?

Of course not. If you like to do that its fine.

On the pill is it normal to have spotting between periods?

No this isn't normal

Is it normal at first to have irregular periods?

Yes, it is perfectly normal to have irregular periods at first. Most girls worry about it at first, but there is no need.

Is it normal to have a heavy period after you stop taking the birth control pill?

For me it is. But if you continue to have heavy periods and if you did not have heavy periods before you started your pill then you should see your OBGYN. Good luck and God Bless:)

Is it bad to get your periods early?

no its not bad. its normal. to get them late isnt normal