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A few hairs will. People shed hair all the time. If it's coming out in big clumps, that's a problem.

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Q: Is it normal for hair to come out of your hair when you comb it?
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Why will your hair be hard to come when you pull a wool sweater over your head?

your hair will be hard to comb because the friction is making your hair sticking up and the electricity makes your hair hard to comb.

How do you comb hair?

run the comb through the hair

How do you disentangle the hair after shampooing?

To disentangle the hair after shampooing, rinse the hair well and apply some conditioner. Leave the conditioner in for a few minutes. Take a wide toothed comb and comb the hair with the conditioner in it. Rinse well, dry and style as normal.

Is combing in hairs good for head?

Depends on the hair brush if you have the normal hair brush (not the comb the other one) it massages your scalp and it helps your hair

How do you get a comb out of your hair if it is tangled into it?

If a comb is stuck in your hair, try to cut little bits out of the comb, so it is easier to get the hair out. Get little pieces of hair out of the comb at a time. When the comb is out of your hair, your hair will be a little knotty so brush it out well. If you have detangling spray, spray that on your hair. This will work well.

Why is hair attracted to a comb?

Hair is attracted to a comb because of the buildup of static electricity on the comb and on the hair. This buildup occurs when you pass the comb through the hair, and can be reduced or eliminated by adding a little bit of water to the comb or to the hair. Depending on the material of the comb, either the comb will be positively charged and the hair negatively charged, or it could be the other way around. Since opposing charges attract each each, the hair then is attracted to the comb.

Why didn't Einstein comb his hair?

geniuses don't comb their hair

Why does the comb attract the hair?

Electric charges in the comb and hair attract.

How do you do a straight perm with curly hair?

just rub it through your hair and comb your hair with a comb

Is combing can make your hair shiny?

Yes, but brushing really is better. If normal brushes damage your hair, get one with teeth like a comb.

What is this comb used for?

To Comb Hair Meaning Put It Through It And Comb .

How do you get hair out of a brush?

To remove hair from a hair brush, you take a comb and comb the hair from the brush, once you have removed most of it from the brush using the comb, you can pick the rest of it out by hand.