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Q: Is it normal for beauty spots to fall off?
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Can beauty spots grow back after being taken off?


Your toenails fall off and regrow is this normal?

Yes it is normal

How to cut a beauty mark?

grab a knife, cut around it. should fall off.

Do boys get put off by spots?

No. Most men and boys do not get put off by small beauty marks and moles. Some even find them particularly attractive.

Can a robo dwarfs tail fall off?

A hamster's tail should never 'fall off' under any normal circumstance.

Can you clean a cat with white beauty bar soap?

NO, its hair might fall off and start to shed

Can you bleach age spots on hands with peroxide?

Not with the stuff from the drug store..its only 3%. You need to buy peroxide from the beauty store that is normally 12%. After you have applied the hydrogen peroxide to your age spots, you may feel a slight burning sensation for up to 10 minutes. This is normal and no cause for concern. Spots may appear white for up to four hours. After the white begins to fade, the spots may become pink or red for a few days. After several days, expect the spot to scab over for a few more days and then it should fall off on its own. Do not pick these scabs off prematurely or you will not see the full effect. You can buy skin lightening creams instead of peroxide that work just as well.

How do you use hydrogen peroxide to remove dark spots on your skin?

To use hydrogen peroxide to remove dark spots on your skin, you will have to buy hydrogen peroxide that is sold in your local beauty supply store. Apply it to the dark spots and let it sit for several minutes. No more than ten. Rinse it off and over the course of a few days, the spots should lighten.

How likely is it for your glasses to fall of during a carnival ride?

Well, if you go on a carnival ride wearing normal glasses, there is a 92.7 chance they will fall off. For people who wear glasses that wrap around your ears fully, there is a 69.2 chance they will fall off.

Is it normal for shoes heel tips to fall off after two months and is it considered wear and tear or fault?


What are the brown spots on the back of java fern leaves?

that is one of the ways that java fern reproduce, they will form into little leaves ans fall off

Is it normal for the hair on puppies tail to fall off?

In late spring and early summer, it will because of shedding. If its not then, maybe they're sick.