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nope, i think you should c your doctor

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Q: Is it normal for a teen to not get her period for over 7 months?
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What is the gestation period of a pregnant teen?

Nine months.

Is it normal for a teen to miss her period for five months?

Not if she had been having (fairly) regular menses before. See a health care professional about your concerns.

How long does a normal teen relationship last?

There is not really a NORMAL time period for a teen relationship to last. It just depends on the people in it and how compatible they are with each other.

Is it normal for starting your period a week early 2 months in a row?

yes, ur probably an adolesent teen. so ur period sometimes will not flow right on schedule. but if ur an adult past puberty, i would talk to a doctor or somthing

Is it normal for a thirteen year old girl to show signs of change at an alarming after just a few months of being a teen?

yes it is normal. It can happen to girls as young as 9 .

Is it normal to miss your period for 2 months but still feel cramping have light bleeding for a day in those months Even if a pregnancy test was taken after missed period an weight gain is occurring?

No it is not. Unless you are a young teen because it can take a couple of years until the menstruation is normal. If you have rapid weight gain (or loss) that in itself can lead to that the menstruation stays away. I would recommend you see a doctor and also take another pregnancy test. If you just took one it could have failed.

Is it normal to shed when your a teen?


This is normal teen love or can we be together forever?

It's most likely normal teen love. Most teen relationships last a year or a few months, somewhere in that timeline. I myself haven't witnessed seeing a teen couple who ended up spending the rest of their lives together. Throughout your teenage years, you're going to have lots of different boyfriends/girlfriends. Sure, you might fall in love along the way and you start imagining what it would be like if you would eventually spend the rest of your lives together, but in the long run, it's just a normal teen relationship.

Is it normal for a teen to miss her period for three months?

It is fairly normal, as teenagers periods are not always regular because their hormones have not fully regulated yet. However, if she has had sex, she should take a pregnancy test. If she hasn't had sex, it might be worth going to see a doctor to check everything is OK, which it probably is. It is probably caused by stress, anxiety, tiredness, travelling, illness or not eating properly.

Are you a teen if you have your period?

Having your period does not make you an "actual teen" to be an actual teen your age must end in teen (thirteen) It just means that your body is growing and becoming like a more mature, teen body. Which able to do more things. But again this does not make you a teen. Believe me that comes quick enough!

Is Annie a lesbian?

no she is not she is a normal teen gal

Is it normal for teen girls to wear diapers?