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yes normal

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Q: Is it normal for 12 year girl moan while masturbasion?
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Is it normal for a girl to moan the first time?

If a girl is moaning, it's a sign she's enjoying it. It's a good thing.

Is it normal not to moan?

Yes, it is normal for some people not to moan during sexual activity. Moaning is not a universal response to pleasure, and people express their enjoyment in different ways. It is important to communicate with your partner about what feels good and pleasurable for both of you.

What should a girl do while being eaten out?

She should moan and she should pull you closer and run her fingers through your hair

Can a girl make a girl moan?

Ask them that you sad little man!

What is a dog's moan?

Moaning is a normal means of vocal expression for many dogs. Your dog moaning is not a sign of an ailment or abnormality, but if you think that your dog is moaning excessively it may be a form of complaint, due to physical or emotional discomfort. It seems moaning varies between breeds and individual dogs. Some moan when sleepy or when their sleep is disturbed momentarily, while others might moan when being caressed or while playing with a toy.

How can you make a girl moan?

Ask them that you sad little man!

Is it normal to moan during sexual intercourse?

Yes. Moaning is usually a sign of pleasure and orgasm :)

What is the name of the movie where a man chains a girl to his house?

black snake moan

How does a girl knows she has climaxed?

they tear up,laugh,and moan...i should know i am a expert. [;

How do you moan?

You moan if you want too however it is definitely not mandatory. the thing that seem normal in a blue movie are usually just a bit over the top. and the sounds that you like to make are entirely up to you.

Is it bad when you cant make a girl moan?

well to me .. it depends on the type of girl .. and what turns her on .. lol it takes alot to make me moan but i still love the person who im with

If a girl likes when you bite her ear hard and moan a lot is she a freak?

No, lots of girls like that.