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No, it's not healthy to stay at home all day as your body needs to be in contact with some germs in the air to build its defenses. Plus, fresh air and exercise are good for you.

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Q: Is it healthy to stay at home every day?
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How can a teen stay healthy?

eating lots of fruit and veg and having a bath every day and night not every year

Can you eat a big mac every day and be healthy?

no burgers are full of fat especially if its from a fast food restaurant. my advice to stay healthy is to eat your 5 a day.

How offer do you have to poop?

Usually every day.. If your healthy. If not, every other day.

How can you be healthy and stay healthy?

Nothing extrim.Balance your diet and exersise half hour a day

What are some good simple diet plans?

The simplest diet plan is to eat small but healthy meals and exercise every day. Stay away from junk food and restaurants and make wholesome natural meals at home. It is cheaper and simpler!

How can men be beautiful like a girl without makeup?

You have to take care of your body, and by that I mean: Eat Healthy, shower every day, brush your teeth every day and try to stay in shape! You won't be needing make-up if you do.

Do seals have a healthy diet?

if fish all day every day is a healthy diet, than yes

Are the turkey hot dogs healthy for you to eat every day?

generally nothing is healthy to eat Every day...limit foods like hotdogs even the healthy kind to once a week or even every two

What do you need to eat every day to stay heathy?

To stay healthy, you should eat the right type of foods in your diet. Using the food pyramid will suggest the types of foods and servings that should be eaten.

Why do we need to drink water every day to keep our cells healthy?

we need water so our vacuoles in our cells can be filled and have enough water to functiontry researchinggoogles a good source =] and we drink water to stay healthy

How much water do you need to stay healthy?

2 litters a day

Is it healthy for an HIV positive person to have unprotected sex every day?

Not healthy for partner.